Floral CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A flower CSA works the same way as popular vegetable CSA. A member typically joins in the winter/early spring before the growing season starts. Your payment helps us buy seeds, bulbs and other supplies for organically growing beautiful, unique and fragrant blooms for the season.

In return for your investment, members receive a weekly bouquet or bucket of premium organically-grown flowers. When you join our CSA, you’ll be getting only organic blooms that have been grown in our gardens where nurturing nature through biodiversity and sustainable practices is THE top priority.

We grow our flowers right on our home property in Redlands, CA, and they are usually harvested the very same morning as you will pick up your share! Each week we will send you a list of what's in bloom and you let us know what catches your eye.

Our Signature Bouquet Share consists of one lovely hand-tied bouquet of unique local floral I have designed which will be wrapped in a brown butcher block paper each week. You in turn simply fill a vase with fresh water, snip the ends of the flower stems, and place the bouquet in the vase for a beautiful addition to your home or office.

The Flower CSA season runs year round. Members schedule a time to pick up their shares from our home gardens and nursery in Redlands over the weekend - according to the time that is best for you. Flowers will vary. Delivery of shares is available in the city of Redlands [weekday delivery].

 photo credit: Steely Bob

photo credit: Steely Bob

bouquet CSA

  • 1 bouquet per week for 10 weeks

  • email at beginning of week to let you know what' s in bloom.

  • pick up at hour home nursery & gardens by appointment over the weekend.