Heirloom Tomato Pre-Sale!

Hello lovely friends and neighbors,

It's that most wonderful time of the year. Okay, the second most wonderful, time when our mailboxes are brimming with seed catalogs and dreams  of summer gardens have begun. 

For most of us, heirloom tomatoes take center stage. There simply is NOTHING that can compare to a freshly picked, sun kissed, juicy tomato bursting with all of its magical goodness [except maybe a tree ripened peach  but this newsletter is all about the queen, her majesty the tomato.] 

This year, Rolling Hills is thrilled to be growing over 75+  varieties [10 are brand NEW this season] of organic heirloom and open-pollinated tomatoes starter plants. We have added more open pollinated [not as old as an heirloom but like an heirloom, you can save the seed and it will grow the same exact tomato variety in seasons ahead , its non-GMO and hey, if we don't keep these lovelies growing how will they ever become an heirloom?]

Many of the tomato varieties we grow are sourced from fellow small scale,  family owned organic growers. This allows us to grow a wide variety of heirloom tomato [ + pepper!] starter plants however we do not grow a large volume of each one. This is where our annual Pre-Season Heirloom Tomato Sale + Annual Open House comes into play.

This week, we kick off our 3rd annual Heirloom Tomato Pre-Sale  where every variety of heirloom tomato we are growing for 2016 is listed online for you to browse and select from. Simply place your heirloom tomato order online now through February 20th then join us on Saturday, March 12th [noon-4pm] here at our  urban farm and nursery to not only pick up your beautiful, organic heirloom tomato starts but also SHOP from our entire 2016 season of heirloom veggies, herbs, flowers [plant and cut], PLUGS [1inch starts], medicinals + seasonal artisan products made from the bounty of our gardens. 

So, mark your calendars to join us in March, grab a nice warm cup of tea and let the browsing commence! Let's get started on that warm season tomato bounty, shall we?  https://squareup.com/market/rolling-hills


Enjoy the day,


P.S. Look for newsletters to follow all about growing heirloom tomatoes. 


farmers market this saturday

Hello lovely friends and neighbors,

This weekend will be Rolling Hills last farmers market of the year. It is a bitter-sweet moment, that is certain. While market is hard work, it is made so sweet by seeing you all -  hearing of your gardens, your favorite new recipes, seeing the family, enjoying our community. 

Community. It's no long just a simple word. What community truly is has never been more precious to us all than now. Like you, we have been working hard to find a sense of peace and balance these past days, taking solace in the garden,  thankful for the time spent walking one of the many local trails and today , enjoying the snow in Forest Falls. May we all continue to find the beauty in our community and embrace it, build upon it and do our part to look for beauty when somedays there simply doesn't seem to be any.

We hope you will visit us this weekend and share the beauty of our local community, our local agriculture  with your friends and loved ones this holiday season. Each of our herb sea salt blends, herb teas, floral wreath, skin products  is made with the beauty and bounty of our Redlands urban gardens.  

On the menu for this weekend :

Tulsi + Valencia Orange Tea. Tulsi a.k.a. Holy basil is  an adaptogen that helps the bodies systems regulate and adapt to stress.  There's a hint of cinnamon to gently warm and how we absolutely LOVE this three item blend. 

Chamomile + Valencia Orange Tea. Made with a combination of German and Roman chamomile plus a dash of Anise Hyssop, this bright and sunny blend is also gently warming and comforting.

Spiced Valencia Orange. Local Redlands oranges from our dear friends grove + cinnamon, cloves and our ginger. Bright. Bold. Lovely.

FLORAL WREATHS:  Handcrafted with our organic manzanita, olive, lavender, Jerusalem sage + sustainably harvested local eucalyptus. Each wreath is approximately 12-14 inches.  Wreaths are available only by pre order. Last day to get your order in for Saturday pick ups is Thursday, 12/17.   Pick up for Christmas week will be Tuesday the 22 with orders needing to be placed by Saturday the 19th. Pick up will be here at the nursery. 


Signature: Our most popular blend to date. Rosemary, Sage, Thymes, Lavender, Savory + limes in a base of organic grey French Sea Salt. It's a multi-purpose seasoning! We love it on baked potatoes, yams, chicken, turkey, pop corn. 

Chili + Lime: A bold blend of a variety of heirloom HOT chili peppers that we have grown all season long mixed with our Mexican limes, some oregano + marjoram. LOVE this blend in tomato soup, on the rim of a bloody mary, grilled sea food, carrots and to liven up tortilla soup.

Meyer Lemon + Rosemary: Brightness just when the days get darker , nights get colder and longer. This blend is an amazing addition to a white bean soup, on wilted spinach or chard, steamed artichokes, pop corn, polenta cakes.

 for the garden...

organic plugs of heirloom leafy greens, 1gallon lilac, aloe and English lavender + a variety of organic 4in perennial herbs and heirloom plants for your gourmet edible garden. 

for the body...

Comfrey + Chamomile lip balm with peppermint.  Just what lips need this time of year. Nutrient rich, skin healing and soothing herbs [organically grown, of course] infused in into cold pressed olive oil then bound with local bees wax. 

We sincerely look forward to seeing you this weekend at market. If we don't, we wish you and your family the most joy filled holiday season!